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Coralife Aqualight Pro Metal Halide Aquarium Light Fixture, 2X250 watt

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The Aqualight Series is great for high output lighting inch a lo watt, profile fixture. Combining HQI and Fluorescent bulbs makes this fixture series suitable for a wide range of marine applications including Coral and Reef Tanks. The HQI bulbs help penetrate the water all the way to the bottom of deep tanks and provide enough light for those light hungry corals while the fluorescent lights provide a great viewing experience highlighting the colors of your fish. Be sure to follo watt, all safety and recommended replacement instructions during installation. Includes hanging Kit

Bulb Configuration:
2x250 watt, HQI
2x96 watt, Compact Fluorescent (one side is not currently working)
Total Wattage: 280W
Dimensions: 48" X 15" X 2.75"
Comes With:
2x 96 watt, True Actinic 03 Blue 420nm Compact Fluorescent Lamp Square Pin
53058 - 2x 96 watt, Compact Fluorescent Ballast
2x 250 watt, 10k Super Daylight Double Ended HQI Metal Halide Lamp
53056 - 2x250 watt, Double Ended HQI Metal Halide Ballast
4x 1 watt, Lunar Blue-Moon-Glo watt, 470nm LED Lamp
53097 - 1x AquaLight Pro Cooling Fan

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Updated the price, found out one of the power compacts is not currently working. If I take a look at it this weekend and fix it I will raise the price up accordingly.
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