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Corals (including gold torch) + Vortech MP10ES in CHARLOTTE!

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Few things up for grabs to make some room for my growing corals. This is only for PICKUP in Charlotte, NC

1. Aussie Golden Torch: $55 (6''x3'' in the photographs I took)

2. Green Paly Rock: $25 (5''x5'' rock with over 30 heads + corraline)

3. Green Nuclear Mushroom Rock: $25 (7''x3'' with over 10 heads + corraline)

4. Green Star Polyp Rock: $10

5. Vortech MP10ES w/ Manufacture Date of 10/2013: $175 picked up

Yes....I know I need to clean. :)
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It's $35 for those total. :)
I'm interested. If its easier please text me as I won't have access to a computer for a couple days no7046412350
$175 picked up for the MP10ES! Lowest price I will go. FIRM!
Torch / Mushroom Rock / GSP = PENDING TO BROPEZ
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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