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Current Cardiff w/ accessories

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I am selling my Cardiff aquarium. It come with what is listed below. I will be cleaning it over the week and available for pickup Friday 3/21 or after (unless you want to clean it yourself). Below is what comes with the sale:

Current Cardiff Aquarium
Return Pump (its the one that came with the Cardiff)
Tunze 9002 Skimmer (InTank cup if I can find it)
Tunze Nano Osmolator (excellent easy to setup ATO)
Heater 100W Aqueon
InTank Media Basket
Black Aquarium stand
Remaining chemicals if you want them (Kent's A/B, Kalk)
I may have a power compact to go with it if wanted (this would be free, not guaranteed as part of the sale though)
4x 5 Gallon water jugs for water changes and ATO

$250 obo. PM to schedule pickup time.
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this is a steal of a deal.. just saw this tank and its in excellent condition!..

thanks again scott..
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