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Dang bubbles!!

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I have a lot of micro bubbles created in my sump somewhere, any idea how to slow them down because they are pushing into my display and I hate it...
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Pic of sump? More than likely coming from skimmer. Is it a new skimmer?
Not coming from skimmer...I put sponge over outlet and it's turned away from return section..
Do you see them in the sump or are they being created by cavitation in the return pump?
I thought it might be returns because they are external...but there are some in sump too
BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!! My bubbles.
This might sound off the wall,but if your return pump is plumbed externally to your sump,rather than through a bulk head through the side of it,check and see if anything is blocking or restricting the flow.........Also on the suction side of where the return sucks from look with a flashlight for the vortex of death..Think drain on a bathtub....LOL
filter socks are inexpensive and work well to stop bubbles from entering your sump from your return, maybe try a filter sock when you get a chance.
Thank everyone for responses
Mine was doing the same thing. Turned out the union wasn't completely tight. The pump was pulling in air.
Ok,now I am curious as to what was causing the bubbles since he thanked everyone for their responses...........LOL
Haven't found what is creating them just already tried everything...they are still there
You said you have different devices hooked up to your sump or actually pouring or moving water in your sump,,Have you tried to turn off or unplug each one individually...Might sound crazy....How low is your water level in your sump,many sumps that I have seen with low or shallow water levels have micro bubbles.....
It's kinda low with lots of flow but I've made bubble diffusers with sponges and a bubble trap with acrylic and pantyhose, I put live rock to slow it down and still have them..
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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