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Everythings DEAD!!!!

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Well, the move went terribly wrong. The temp dropped too quickly, I was forced to rush the re-setup, and I have lost almost everything. My whole house stinks of dead coral, and my tank looks like a sea of death, almost everything is white, and what is not is on its way out. I don't know what to do. I really am questioning whether or not to restart, as it is right now, I cant even walk into the living room, without getting sick to my stomach (literally) I just want to cry everytime I look at it. I had colonies I had been growing for 3-4 yrs that are just white skeletons. It is hard to even imagine all the effort, time, and money I have dumped in that box of water just to be brought to my knees in a 2 day period. F*** Me!!!!
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Oh my, I wish this was April 1. When you rebuild, I'll send you some frags.
Really sorry to hear this! I went through a similar situation when we moved to NC from FL. It's really tough. If I were you I would just break down everything and wait for a while until you know you'll be staying in one place for a while. A great reef tank is all about stability and patience, especially from the owner :)
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Oh man, I'm sorry to hear this. Best of luck with figuring it out.

Doesn't look good guys :( got home today and the only thing that is not white is my blasto and my nems. It looks like its going to be a total loss. I had some hope that a few pieces were foing to pull thru, but all that is gone. Everything except 1 blasto colony and the nems is completely gone. Looks like a total restart :( doesn't get much worse than this....
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