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I have an extra tank for sale
Skimz ES series (can't remember the model number now) Protein skimmer
20 gallon sump
Sump pump by quiet one
Great filtration system
Canopy that lifts all the way up instead of using a little hole
Stand matching canopy make of hard oak wood (furniture quality)
T5HO lighting (needs at least 2 new bulbs but recommend changing them all)
15-25 frags and corals
Need to keep my live rock

Asking $500 BEST OFFER takes it! Need it gone
Trading my other one in and also getting a new set up
I also have a brand new 75 tank and can throw in an on the side filter and an off brand skimmer for best offer
Super super nice furniture quAlity
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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