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Some may have missed the NCMAS club meeting thread so I wanted to post it here, too.

Tomorrow we'll be auctioning 70+ frags in Durham, NC. The event is open for anyone to attend. If you end up winning something, you just have to pay a $5 fee at the end of the auction. So if you win 20 frags, you just pay for the frags plus $5.

Event starts at 11:30AM and runs until 3PM.

We will be meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Southeast Durham, 4620 South Miami Boulevard, Durham. It is located right off of I-40 on South Miami Blvd. Once inside the hotel, turn right and the meeting room will be at the end of the hall. We will be in the TW Alexander room.

The full rules for the auction can be found on our main website:

Items can be paid with cash or credit card at the end of the auction.

Here is the list of items we have so far:

Sold By Dave Grennan (grennan)
Acan Lord






Orange Cap

Pink Sapphire Chalice


Pocillapora - Green Polyps, pink skin

Ponape Birdsnet

Red Planet Acro

trumpets/candy canes

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Sold By Eric Welch (EWelch)
Alien eye / Watermelon hybrid chalice


Green Zoas -orange centers

ORA Purple Stylo (Wes)

Prisim Brain

Purple Gorgonian

Purple and green brain (size of golf ball)

ReefGen Gorgonian

Ultra Rare GSP

Unknown Zoa

Sold By Joe Auerbach (joereefer)
Laker Scroll - 1 inch

Palythoa Gradis - 2 polyp

Goochster Paly - 3 polyp

Green Cap - 2-3 inch

Green/Yellow Zoa - 4 polyp

Green/Yellow Zoa - 8 polyp

Rhodactis Mushroom - 2 mushrooms

Stunner Chalice - 2 inch

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Even more...

Sold By Jonathan Hart (YodaHart)
Blastomussa Welsi - 1 head

Captain America Palys - 10 polyps

Green Bay Packer Zoas - 10 polyps

LA Laker Zoas - 13 polyps

Miami Hurricane Zoas - 5 polyps

Purple Torch - 2 heads

Rainbow Ricordia (Green, Blue, Pink, Purple)

Tubbs Blue Zoas - 11 polyps

Sold By Josh CCC (foresteronw)
Big Head Duncan

Branching Lobo

Bright Yellow-Green Ricordia Yuma – One large and two babies


Crayola Mille 1

Crayola Mille 2

Crayola Mille 3

Favia 1

Favia 2

Favia 3

Favia 4

Green Slimer – One inch

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Even Even More More...

Green Slimer – Two pieces on one plug, tall one is about two inches

Green Slimer – Two to three inches

Green with gold rim Leptastrea

Mummy Eye Chalice

Quad-phyllias – Four different colors of frogspawn

Red Rimmed Rhodactis

Small Plate Coral


Tyree Fist Full O’ Dollahs Chalice

World Wide Coral Favia

World Wide Coral Favia

Zoanthids 1

Zoanthids 2

Zoanthids 3

Zoanthids 4

Zoanthids 5

Sold By Laura Leslie (LauraL)
Large Green Mushroom
Paly - Aqua center, rusty brown skirt - 10 polyps
Red Flame Algae
Red Flame Algae
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