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I'm buying a 20L pre-baffled sump from a friend. I haven't seen it but I'm confident it will work. Getting my 30G tank drilled as soon as the sump and plumbing materials are all in hand.
1. Should I get a corner overflow or an overflow box to attach at the back so the out-take will skim the surface? Where's a good local source?
2. What other materials will I need to set it up? Filter sock or polyester material? I don't want a lot of noise.
Haven't decided on a protein skimmer yet. That's down the road.

I bought a 1" bulkhead and a 90 degree elbow so far. Planning to use an Eheim 2052 pump with an Eheim (small) quick disconnect on the output that will let me reduce the output. I can use small hose as a return, and use connecting PVC elbows to get the water back in the tank. Planning to use 1" hose from Lowe's to get water to the sump.

Any input will be much appreciated. Point me to a good thread if there is one. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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