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Moving out of state - selling the following fish together. $80 for all!

  • Paired Clown fish - ocellary, orange (female), phantom black & white (male) paired
  • Candy Hogfish (Some call it two spot hogfish)
  • Paired Pistol Shrimp and Goby - Blues potted watchman goby and tiger pistol shrimp. You can hear the water shot!
  • Yellow Wrasse
  • Bi-color Blenny
  • Fire Shrimp (Lysmata debelius)
Mushrooms (Yellow and green) for free if you buy the fish
The photos are taken several months ago. The fishes are slightly larger now. Anything in the photo but not listed were already sold.

Located in Raleigh near NCSU - I can deliver if within 1 hour of drive.
Text me at 858-848-1028 or leave message here!
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