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We're clearing out the fish room! All items are used, unless otherwise indicated. Tank volumes per manufacturer or our seller, may not be exact.

1. 600 gallon acrylic (96"x48" footprint): $1200 (includes acrylic sheet "tops"; built-in overflow; 2 auto-drain hoses with ball valves. Note: tank has visible repairs, but is currently water-tight). 40-gallon sump with 2 bio-towers and Mag 24 pump available for filtration for $150)

2. 525 gallon acrylic + stand SOLD

acrylic sump with bio-tower available for $75; Fluval FX5 canister filter available for $150

3. 100-long acrylic (72"x18" footprint): $300 (includes tops)
(manufactured by Glass Cages; access holes cut in top to accommodate filtration); 1 available SALE PENDING

4. 135 gallon acrylic (72"x18" footprint): $350 each (includes tops)
(manufactured by Glass Cages; access holes cut in top of tank to accommodate filtration); 3 available SALE PENDING

5. 180 gallon glass tank (72"x24" footprint): $350 SALE PENDING

(sump with bio balls and pump still available)


7. wood stand for 180 (or other 72"x24" footprint tank): $75


9. 120 gallon "fat boy" glass tank (48"x24" footprint) with "oak" trim: $300
Includes tops SALE PENDING

wooden 2x4 and plywood stand with 3 shelves available for additional $40

10. 150 gallon acrylic (72"x20" footprint): $200
Includes tops (acrylic panels); access holes in top for filtration SALE PENDING

11. 75 gallon glass tank with tops: $100 SALE PENDING

(manufactured by AGA)

12. 75 gallon glass tank (no tops; broken frame on bottom): $50

13. SOLD

14. 20 gallon glass tanks: $20 (3 available; 1 glass top available, 1 plastic canopy available)

15. 10 gallon glass tank: $10

16. SOLD

17. steel racks (pallet rack style) (2'x8'x8'):
a. one rack with 3 shelves (wire decking): $150
b. one rack with 2 shelves (wire decking): $100

18. air-to-air heat exchanger for fishroom ventilation: $150 (includes some ductwork)

19. SOLD

We also have loads of great driftwood, pots, sand, filters, lights, etc.
Note that some tanks are currently occupied by fish that we are selling. If sales of fish are pending, tank pickup cannot occur until tank is empty. If sales of fish are not pending, buy the tank, and get the fish for free!

Bring your friends to help carry large items (I'm just not that strong!)

All items are pickup only in Waxhaw, NC. All sales final. No warranties, expressed or implied, for any purchase.

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I will try to get some pictures posted, but it may take some time: I've got a super-busy week this week, so I may not even see the garage. Also, we've taken down tanks as we've sold fish, and some of the tanks will need to be cleaned up a bit, before I can get pictures. Bear with me, and I'll get some posted ASAP.
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