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Water Blue Azure Natural environment Purple

Water Blue Marine invertebrates Underwater Fluid

Marine invertebrates Vertebrate Purple Water Blue

Plant Purple Blue Natural environment Botany

Flower Plant Natural environment Underwater Botany

Plant Flower Vertebrate Natural material Natural environment

Plant Botany Azure Natural environment Organism

Flower Plant Purple Petal Organism

I’m currently selling my fluval evo 13.5. It comes in tank media basket, heater, ai prime light, sicce return pump, and a few frag racks. Live stock include frostbite clown and mocha storm clown, fire shrimp, e-mails crab, hermit crab, a few acans, two gold/blue hammers each has two heads, orange/blue hammer, toxic green hammer, three head green frogspawn, one head orange octospawn, three head orange frogspawn, blue/green hammer all branching, torch coral and a rainbow lobo. Been neglecting my tank due to work and I can no longer care for it. $300-$400. In Greensboro, NC
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