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I have a 90 gallon acrylic tank (AIO) that is about 4 years old. It measures 48" long, 18" deep, and 24" high. Manufactured by TruVue Aquariums in California and custom made for me. TruVue has excellent rating and the tank has been a delight. Stand and canopy are homemade but the stand is super solid. Needs doors but that is easily accomplished and was planned prior to my recent unexpected surgery.

The tank has some very fine scratches on the front which no one seems to notice.

Lighting is a Fluval Plant 2.0 48". Pump is a Sicce 3.0 almost silent. It has been our FW Angelfish tank but we are down to 3 from 11 due to old age (almost 10 years) so going to a smaller tank... JBJ 65 flat panel. It will be easier for me to maintain.

Tank, stand, and light are all free but the catch is that the empty JBJ has to moved into the former 90 gallon space from another room. A dolly should make it easy and one will be needed to get the 90 gallon out the door anyway. That is the cost... moving the other tank into position since recent surgery will not allow me to engage in any activity besides walking. Yes, that is very limiting but won't last forever. Old age, however will.;)

I would like to accomplisht this next weekend if possible. If interested call me at 919-455-4995 (Brian)
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