Unfortunately I can not take these with me to where I’m moving. Sad to let it go, but hope to find a good home(s) for it all. Near wake tech on 401/Ten-Ten rd. All prices are for individual, if taking it all, we’ll make a good deal :)

Fish tanks-livestock

Tank with stand 400
Sump 350
Lights 140 - viparspectra
Skimmer 50 curve 5
Reactor 50
Overflow-return pumps 80

Rock-2$/lb -will need cleaning of algae
Free if you take it all(tanks and fish)

Chaeto- 5$/handfull you can grab
Free w/ sump purchase

Fish (time in tank)

Damsels- 20/for all 3. (1 year)
Foxface 150 7”+ (3 years)
Wrasse 40 4” (1 year)
Flame angel 60 3-4” (1 year)

2nd tank

Tank and stand 200$
Light bar 25$ (free with tank)

All power heads are 5$-50$ depending on size

Both tanks are used. Light scratching, none major. No leaks on either. Need cleaning.

All fish are healthy, no signs of Illness.

Have 2 standard 55gal long tanks as well.. 35$ each, no stands just the tanks