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Fully loaded 75g sale or trade...

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I know its a long shot... but wanted to post it before breaking up... i have my 75g setup for sale.. its a big list of pretty nice stuff.. corals, fish and equipment... also i would discuss a trade or partial trade of anyone has shallow cube or other cube setup around 30 gallons we can discuss..

75 gallon corner overflow with stand
20L sump with return pump
300w heater
Bubble magus curve 7 skimmer
Tlf reactor
JBJ ato
2 mp10 wireless
It2080 32" LED (same as photon32)
screen tops

Tons of corals (chalices, sps, softies, zoas, shrooms, euphillys, etc.. a bunch)

3 wrasses
5 red stripe cards
tomini tang
Pink spot goby
midas blenny
Swiss guard basslet
clarkii clown
fire shrimp
skunk cleaner
red pistol

Again I know full set ups don't sell.. just gonna put out there before I break up.. message me if interested in certain pieces later.. $1400 for all..

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Corals are sold... I'm keeping a few of my oldest/biggest ones.. rest have been sold..
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