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Help with 36 bowfront setup...

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So now that I am addicted to the saltwater hobby I have decided to start to work on my 36 gallon bowfront over the next few months :blob:. With this setup I want to have LED's capable of growing everything (LPS, SPS, Softies, and Clams). I do not plan on having a sump for this tank but am looking for a skimmer. So I have a few questions.

1.) With the bowfront there is a middle brace. How will this affect lighting my tank?

2.) Any suggestions on LED's I could get for this tank? I really want my coral to have that 'pop'. I unfortunately have not hat the pop from my T5's on my 10 gallon. My price range is nothing over $200.

3.) Suggestions on a skimmer? I have no experience with these yet.

4.) Anyone have a 36 bowfront setup they can share with me?

Thanks guys!
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The brace will cause some shadowing but shouldn't be too bad. I would recommend saving a little while longer as you are not going to be able to light that tank with LEDs that can grow everything for $200. Without knowing the length I am hard pressed to recommend anything. If you go with a m/h t5 combo you could get one in that price range used.
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I just ordered this today. It was recommended by some of the members here. DM-155e - Reef Radiance
Don't know if it would work for "everything".

Here's a thread:
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Thanks guys, I did forget to mention my tank's detentions they are:
Length-30 Width-15 Height-21. I have been looking online at different LED's such as

24w PAR38 LED 20k Full Spectrum G2 Dimmable Reef Light TaoTronics® TT-AL09 165w Dimmable Led Aquarium Lights Aquarium Hoods Led Reef Light for Coral Fish Seaweed (55*3w Led, Blue/White Ratio- 28:27; Two-Year Warranty)*: Pet Supplies's

Value LED Fixtures | Reef Breeders LEDs

I was thinking about trying the T5's again...I'm not sure if its because its only a 10k bulb and one actinic but the colors of my corals are not bright in my 10 gallon like I think they should be.....
bccfish Have you received your light? if so how do you like it? I am now thinking I might go with them or reef breeders value led.....still not sure yet though.
cgirl, remember there's a ton of internal reflrection going on inside your tank. I wouldn't worry about the shading too much. All my tanks have center braces as either bowfront or wave and I've never had a problem.
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Thanks Garbonzo, what lighting do you use?
I think a par38 dead center on each side of the brace would be nice. Bow fronts are tougher to light kinda but I love the look of it over rectangles. Diy leds is always an option and could be done under the $200 limit
2 evergrow full spectrum d120's would look nice over it. $130 a piece on ebay. If you are not running a sump then I would recomend a reef octopus bh-100 ss, or a aqua-c remora hob skimmer. I'm sure you could find one on here cheap. Hope this helps.
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