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So it is with heavy heart that I post this... I am in the process of slowly prepping my current house for sale or rental and my reef tank must go so that I can lay down new carpet. I am saddened as I have enjoyed putting the tank together and watching it go through various transformations throughout the years. I am located in the Durham, NC area close to the Southpoint Mall.

Anyways, it's a very nice setup with some great equipment and inhabitants.

All of the equipment I would consider fairly high quality. Kessil 350 LEDS, Maxspect Mazzara P LED unit with wireless controller. Deltec AP600 skimmer. Eheim 1262 return pumps and feeder pumps. Reeftek Calcium reactor with CO2 tank. AquaEuro chiller. Tunze 6100 pumps on a 7095 controller. Reefkeeper lite controller with 3 powerstrips and the module for ph and orp monitoring. Bulk reef supply 5 stage RO/DI system with complete auto top off system and retaining brute drilled trash can. Litermeter dosing system with companion pump (so can does both carbonate/alk and calcium chloride independently). Bulk reef supply GFO and carbon up-flow reactors.

Multitude of test kits: Salifert Alk, Ca, Magnesium, Iodine, phosphate, nitrate. Hanna Marine test kits (the nice ones that use the electronic colorimeter): alkalinity and phosphate. Lots of two part mix from BRS ready with all of the mixing containers and redundant holding containers.

Tank is shallow rimless with 3 sides using starphire (low Fe) glass. Dimensions are 48"x24"x16" (80 gallons display). Stand is excellent and strong. The bottom of the stand where sump lies is coated in epoxy. The sump is tri-compartment with buffering dividers (total gallonage ~40 gallons). Total system is probably 100-110 gallons of water volume. I use a herbie overflow system so the overflow is very quiet.

I am sure I am forgetting a bunch of stuff. I have a lot of reef equipment built up over the years. Two old Mak4 pressure rated pumps which still work great. Various smaller tanks of varying sizes. Bunch of 5 gallon buckets. Refractometer, I think I still have close to 200 gallon mix of Instant Ocean salt as well. There really is a lot of stuff to list.

Please see the pictures to see all that is available. I am looking for $2000 for the whole setup and I would very much not like to parse out everything although I am sure I could get more if I were to, but I want to keep the whole tank intact since all the fish and corals have lived together for quite awhile. If someone were able to haul the whole setup with all additional equipment and knick knacks, and I mean everything, I would let it go for $1750. To be honest, if you were spec-ing out a new system comparable to this one, it'd be close to $5000.

Inhabitants include:

1. Mated pair of ocellaris clownfish
2. Blue Spotted Rabbitfish
3. Blue Hippo Tang (really intense color)
4. Blue/Green Mandarin Goby (really intense colors)
5. Yellow Watchman Goby with Paired Tiger Pistol Shrimp
6. Melanarus Wrasse
7. Sailfin Algae Blenny

Various corals, including SPS, LPS and soft corals. Live rock was actually pukani dry rock and it is light, porous and just amazing rock. You might be able to buy this rock for 9-10 bucks for pound live, but doubt you can find any of this stuff live sold anywhere. Best place now is to get it from BRS as dry rock and just seed it and within a year in good tank conditions, you will have some of the prettiest rock out there. There is roughly 80 pounds of the rock in the system now.

Feel free to contact me through the forum as well Leave your number in your PM and I will get back to you ASAP to answer any questions and to discuss possible pickup/moving plans for the tank. Please, realistic offers only and no lowballing. I am not trading for anything at this moment as I am trying to get rid of stuff for my eventual move to another house.

With something like this, I would very much like the person to come and see the whole setup so they know what they are getting into... This is an advanced setup and a lot of the daily tasks like water replacement have been automated. All that I do is feed the tank occasionally, clean the skimmer every 2 weeks and change the filter media (GFO and carbon) once a months so once setup it can be fairly low maintenance. However, I have felt that I have neglected it for a few months now and would really like to find a new home for this amazing setup.


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If you want to sell livestock I will take all fish and corals!!! As I am a private collector and to make sure your fish has a good home and well send pics of the growth and everything!!! If you do ever set a tank up again feel free to pm me and I'll send you corals of what u have me or in my collection u would like!!! I'm all about saving corals and fish!!! Pm whenever or email me at [email protected]

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I am really sorry all for taking so long to respond, I have been underwater (no pun intended) with work so have not had time to reply. I will try to answer all questions and fulfill all requests from the many queries on my tank.

Thanks for the interest and I will post more information on the history of the tank soon.


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Time to Let Go...

Well, I've included pics of my tank again. These were taken this evening and the tank is looking nice now and all the inhabitants came out to say hello. I took these with my DSLR, but they aren't great as I don't really know how to use it yet. Some of them came out in wonky colors, but I think I need to definitely learn how to white balance or to remove a lot of that actinic push coming from the LEDs. To my eyes, the color temp of the tank is 12-14K, no different than running phoenix 14K's without actinic supplementation.

Anyways, I have had a fair amount of interest, but only one person I think who wants to take it all. Hopefully, that person gets back to me soon. I am looking to move the tank and all of the supplies/maintenance tools that go with it. Once again, whoever buys everything is really getting an amazing deal!

I would say that if anyone is truly interested, please feel free to contact me and set up a time to come over and see the tank in person. It really needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate the setup.


P.S. I do apologize for the tardiness of this post. I have pushed it away for far too long due to my busy schedule and my continuing reluctance to give away all of my fishy friends and the awesome setup that holds them. However, if I delay any longer, I know my wife will disown me along with the fish. :surrender:

IMGP1678 by Sazerac81, on Flickr

IMGP1677 by Sazerac81, on Flickr

IMGP1676 by Sazerac81, on Flickr

IMGP1674 by Sazerac81, on Flickr

IMGP1675 by Sazerac81, on Flickr

IMGP1673 by Sazerac81, on Flickr

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IMGP1663 by Sazerac81, on Flickr

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Tank Part Out Costs:

Tank: $450 (glasscages is selling new tank with similar specs for ~ $900)- starphire on the 3 viewable sides, this is designed really as a peninsula tank...

Stand: $250 (Built for this tank)

Sump: $100 (3 compartments with sump bubble dividers)

Skimmer: Deltec AP600 (runs like a champ and pumps out the fish poo): $50

Tunze 6100: Each powerhead $100 dollars so for 2 is $200

Tunze Multicontroller 7085: $50

Return Pumps:

Eheim 1262: $100 each, $190 for both


Kessil 350: A350 (not the wide version, used ~ 7 months, originally paid $400 for each) Awesome light, only brand I would consider for a future tank. I have these only dialed to 80% intensity right now and it is more than enough. $250 each, or $475 for both

Mazzara Maxspect P module: (Paid about $400 for one module and I used it for the day/night cycle so it gives me the moonlight and sunset and sunrise effect, comes with hanging kit) $300

Maxspect Mazarra P series wireless controlled unit: (used to wirlessly control Mazarra P units): $100

-If you want the whole Mazarra P setup with module and hanging kit and wireless controller, it is $375

Dosing pumps:

Litermeter 3 (ultra reliable): $200

Remote Pump Module (ultra reliable): $90

Together: $250


6 stage with in-line TDS meter and handheld meter (RO filter changed 1 month ago) with replacement filters and RO resin for all stages and plumbed brute trashcan: $300

Autotopoff system with 3 float valves with latching relay and top back up float and solenoid valve: $100


Reeftek calcium reactor with eheim recirc pump (I have a ton of media for it still): $175

10lb CO2 tank: $50

Regulator is wonky so won’t sell it as I think you need to get a new one at this point.

Bulkreefsupply Heavy Duty upflow media reactors (the deluxe ones), work really well for GFO and Carbon: $40 each, if you buy both: $70

Media (from Bulk Reef Supply):

Rox 0.8 ½ gallon (brand new): $15

GFO High Capacity (little used) 1.75 lbs: $40

GFO Normal Capacity (brand new) ½ gallon: $30

Test Kits:

Hanna Alkalinity Colorimeter (Brand new/unused reagent): $35

Hanna Phosphate Colorimeter (with extra powder reagent): $35

If buying both: $65

Both of the above Hanna kits are awesome! Accurate and precise, I did not like the Hanna Calcium test kit

Various Salifert Test kits with different expirations: (Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity, Phosphate, Nitrate)


Liverock: Total tank setup is approximately 60-70 pounds of really nice pukani: $200

Mated clown pair: $60

Rabbitfish: $25

Hippo Tang: $30

Mandarin Dragonet: $10

Tiger Pistol Shrimp and Yellow Prawn Goby Pair: $45

Hoeven’s Wrasse: $40

Algae Blenny: $10


Duncan Coral (20 plus heads): $100

Frogspawn (20 or so heads and about large grapefruit/small cantalope size): $75

Hammer Coral (3 heads and growing with a few extra small sprouts): $30

Various odds and ends on SPS, acans, some zoanthids, capnella, green star polyp mat…
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