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Hobby and Forum Newb from Clt

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I'm currently in Charlotte near Mt. Holly and have been slowly saving/buying and researching to start up a 90 gallon reef tank. I have the aquarium and planning on building my own stand. Still need a sump and pumps. If anyone wants to donate unused equip I will gladly take it off your hands. Also looking for RODI water storage at the moment. If your in the charlotte area and would like to mentor this newb that would be awesome. I work night shift as a Paramedic so my Hrs are all kinds of off and my perception of reality is a bit altered but most find that humorous. I'm currently running a 10 gallom nano with just LR LSB and one three head frogspawn with a small CUC. All of my other livestock I lost to ICH about 50 days ago. trying to collect some frags until my 90 gallon is up and running. I look forward to my endeavors in this beautiful yet frighteningly expensive hobby and appreciate all the experiance and knowledge each of you bring.
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equip does not have to be unused. A failure in context. Any equip that you are not currently using.

Check out We are your local club/forum.
We meet the 3rd Saturday of each month, normally at the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. The March 15th meeting will be at one of our sponsors, Pet Supplies Plus, in Charlotte.
+1 to RASOC and Welcome.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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