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I need a tank ASAP!

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My 40 breeder crashed and killed all my livestock and my water tested perfectly. I did a 100% water change, added new sand and my water tested perfect again but it is still killing everything! It has to be the tank so I am looking for any kind of saltwater setup that is available in the Wilmington area. Please CALL me at 910-620-9739. Thank you.
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I'm in New Bern, but I have a 65 gallon setup, sitting and waiting for a new home... $150
I highly doubt it's the actual tank that is killing things
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My LFS has tested the water and has been helping me with the issue for the past few weeks and we are all at a loss. The only thing we can figure is that it is something on/in the tank
Is that the tank you got from me? If so I can promise you that the tank is not the problem. That tank has been a reef since it was new
Just curious how a tank could kill everything??
Its not out of the realm of possibility. Like i said my water quality is perfect. I dont know what it is but if anyone had a tank for sale let me know
I'm in New Bern, but I have a 65 gallon setup, sitting and waiting for a new home... $150

Post a pic of that!
i have a 55 gal with a stand but your a long ways away.. i could meet you saturday in raliegh?
Sorry 55 is the only tank i dont want. I dont like the 12" width
I'm selling my 93g cube, glass lid, custom oak stand, and 20g sump. My location however, is Beaufort. Price is $500.00. If you're interested PM me with your contact info, and I'll send you pics.
I have a 72 bow front with everything but rock for $275

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A tank is glass (or acrylic) and silicon. It's inert. If nothing deadly is put into it (copper, soap, etc,) then the tank isn't the problem - especially if the guy you got the tank from says there's never been copper in it.

If I were you, I'd get a second opinion aside from your LFS, and I'd sure as heck have someone else check the water chemistry. Something doesn't sound right here, and it's almost certainly not the tank that's the problem.
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myself and 2 other people have checked the water and we all get the same results. Again I don't know is going on with it, I just want to start fresh. So if anyone has a tank for sale you can CALL me at 910-620-9739.
Is it possible that something nasty could have seeped into the plastic rim? It is certainly a puzzle. Anyway, good luck with your search. If you want to go for a fancy nano, I have an ada 17.4 sitting around doing nothing.
Several years back,I picked up a beautiful 265 gallon setup,It had all the bells and whistles,uv,titinium heater, rainbow life guard modules,quiet one pumps,Monster twin tower wet/dry filter system,custom acrylic sump,with a huge downdraft skimmer with external pump,,I picked it up for basically nothing....The man could not keep anything alive in it,water he had it tested by almost every hobbiest and shop in the area,,,I picked it up then showed him the problem after I had the tank.....Someone had used a couple of the wrong metal fitting to hook up the filter on the tank ,,,,,Moral of the story is ,check your plumbing out on your tank,Then check the tank for stray voltage......My two cents..does everything dying mean just inverts or fish,or both.....Need more information,If I did not know any better,I would say that it is a scam It sounds like a great way to get a tank cheaply......Someone offers yet you don`t take,Makes me wonder
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A buddy of mine has a beautiful saltwater reef tank,Every month the tank would crash,around the same time,So I went to his house to do a small bit of investigating..Well he and I were talking outside and about 15 minutes later I hear the vacuum running,Well we went inside,his wife was vacuuming the carpet,Well she stopped for a minute,She took out some carpet fresh POWDER and was sprinkling it all over the room that the reef tank was in.......Well,I told her to stop,and walked over to the tank,grabbed the air intake to the skimmer,pulled the silenser off of it and showed him the powder that had formed on the intake of it,He said that he thought it was dust,that he had seen it before.......The tank is doing a lot better now,His wife no longer uses carpet fresh.....
Maybe I missed it and I apologize if this seems too simple, but you are using RO water? Or some kind of dechlorinator/heavy metal neutralizer? Any problems with the RO container? The mixing vat? I'm certainly no expert, but this sounds like a water quality thing to me--some sort of contaminant sneaking in. Assuming there's no exposed metal or toxic glue or something bizarre, I just don't see how it could be the tank.
Guys I live right up the street from JollyGreen...I dunno what has happened...he has taken tank down 2x now...using local water..fresh sand...everything tests fine...stray voltage COULD be an issue but doesn't seem to be likely as everything was running in a biocube before he started having this issue...only thing changed the first time was the tank...he lost everything within a few days..he then re set up the water ..same rock... Same equipment and it all died within a day or wilmington we can get the water from UNCW aquaculture facility and he did that as well..the parameters of his tank were fine and he tried a died over night...on going joke but not funny is pretty bad when killing chromis and ZOA's with perfect water parameters..there is either a chemical or possibly stray voltage..I don't think copper was used in this tank but it wouldn't kill the fish per say..we treat the fish with copper so I don't think copper would have killed fish even if it was copper...I have never seen such a thing..the LFS is very good at helping and testing so its not their equipment or knowledge because they are pretty good..but we will find out as soon as he starts up a new one if it was something with that tank
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