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LED Light and UV

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LED Light Fixture FS - Lowered Price $30

UV is aqua medic 9w. It will need a bulb and pump -$10 or trade for blue mushrooms or zoas

Light was made by a member on this forum D fason. LEDS appear to be Cre. Heatsink and LEDs have been retro fit into an aqua medic fixture. The lights are manually dimmable and have 2 controls for white and blues. The fan that came inside the housing broke when I accidentally turned it on while toying with it. For pictures of this light above my tank see my pictures of my setup under the Members Tanks section. I had it above a 40 breeder but this light would be best for a cube smaller tank - $30

I would think parts alone are worth more than asking price. Will trade for coral
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LED light cords and dimmers for blue and white

A couple have asked for pictures of the cords and dimmers

Lowered asking price
Light Pending Pickup

Will update if anything changes. Thanks to all those w/ interest
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