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UPDATE: I have noted pending sales and sold inventory below. Pending sales remain active until a transaction has completed, so feel free to PM me if you have interest in one or more corals or fish, even if it's pending. I'll follow up accordingly.

Dear friends...I have accepted a position at Stanford and will be moving to California in the latter part of December. Exciting, but heartbreaking to have to sell my corals, fish and my largest tank (160g, which will be posted in the next week or so). This initial post is a nearly full inventory of corals and fish, many being sold for well below market price given their size. Posting a video link below showing the tanks and array of inhabitants (some of which have since been sold), and am happy to welcome CFT visitors who want to see them in person. (I live near Southpoint in Durham.) Happy to text photos of remaining corals as well. Will also make deliveries in certain cases (see under "Specials" below). Cash or Paypal please.

• Buy corals in bundles to receive a discount: 3-5 corals, 10% discount; 6-10 corals: 15% discount; 11-19 corals 20% discount; 20+ corals, 25% discount
• Buy 3 or more and I’ll also deliver within a 60 minute radius of Southpoint Durham/Triangle.
• Buy $300 worth of corals/fish, and I’ll deliver within a 2-hour radius (pending PayPal payment).

See a brief video showing a variety of the corals/fish here:

FISH (will hold upon sale and capture after all or most corals are sold; exception may be premium snowflake clowns which I may be able to catch prior to a tear-down)

Premium ORA Snowflake Clowns (bonded pair) $250
-Notes: Premium snowflake clowns are identified by the light blue scales/markings adjacent to their bars. The female of the pair has acquired her markings while the male’s markings are still developing. These two adore hosting in the pink/blue xenia in my tank.

Foxface rabbit $40 SALE PENDING
-Notes: Peaceful community member, spends entire day picking at algae on rocks, glass, etc, brings vibrant yellow color to tank

Blue tang $30 SALE PENDING
-Notes: Shy but active, this fish “rescue” that has healed up nicely after coming to me from an acquaintance’s neglected tank a few years back. Has great coloration and eats voraciously. More important than price, I want to ensure this beautiful fish finds a good home. Peaceful and gets along with all others. Does best in tanks over 125g.

Purple dottyback/pseudochromis $15
-Notes: Reclusive but active swimmer, especially with other fish in the tank. May not be trustworthy with ornamental shrimp and may become aggressive with any fish smaller than him. Beautiful bright orchid coloration.


Red rock flower anemone: (5”, great small/medium tank centerpiece): $100 SOLD
White rock flower anemone on rock: (6”): $45 SOLD

Metallic green starburst polyp, covering large rock; knobby sea rod attached: $75
Pink/blue xenia (array of sizes) $15 - $55 depending on size of rock/coverage
X-large Pink pom pom: $55
Medium Pink pom pom: $30
Pale green/yellow spaghetti leather (2 on one rock; 7” & 5”): $55
Pale green/yellow Finger leather on rock (8”): $50
Blue sympodium on 5" rock with blue mushroom: $35

Medium sea rods (3): $10 each
X-large knobby sea rod (pink/tan) $50 SOLD

Striped green mushroom colony (more than a dozen mushrooms): $45

Tubbs Blue Zoas (close to 100 polyps) on rock: $45 SOLD

Montipora digita: white/pale green on medium rock with pink xenia (6”): $45
Large Blue-green with red polyps Montipora encrusting on medium live rock with small (2”) acro, multiple arms (and some tag-along xenia): $100 SOLD
X-large Green Montipora with brown polyps encrusting on large live rock with 12 red spotted mushrooms: $100 SOLD
X-large Orange Montipora encrusting on live rock $75 SOLD
X-large Large Yellow with Blue Polyps Montipora Cap: $75 SOLD

Purple Scolymia with olive center (2.5”): $80
Neon Green Hammer, Branching (8 heads): $75
Duncan (12+ heads) $45
Pearl bubble (3”): $45
Pink-tipped Green Frogspawn coral: Medium: $45; Large: $55

Light Green Trumpet: (15 heads): $55 SOLD
Large War Coral Favia (Red/Neon Green, dozens of polyps, regularly extended to feed, active grower/spreader) $125 SOLD
Cherry Lover Scolymia (5”, great small/medium tank centerpiece, amazing 1” polyp extension at night): $125 SOLD
Orange Scolymia: (3”) $75 SOLD
Green/Purple/Brown/Orange Acan Colony (more than a dozen large polyps): $75 SOLD
Large Favia, olive green, tan, on rock with several red spotted mushrooms $55 SOLD
Red Acan (3 large polyps, 7 small) $50 SOLD
Green Acan (1 polyp): $20 SOLD
Orange plate coral, short tentacle (4”): $40 SOLD
Green Big Polyp Blastomussa wellsi: $85 SOLD
Red and Green Blastomussa wellsi (7 polyps, varying sizes): $55 SOLD
Blastomussa merletti: $40 SOLD
Meteor Shower Cyphestrea (encrusting on acro skeleton rock): $55 SOLD

FLORIDA RICORDEAS (productive/splitting)/YUMAS:
Large Blue (4 mouths): $45 SOLD
Large Green (4 mouths) $45 SOLD
Medium Green (2 mouths) $25 SOLD
Small Green (1 mouth) $15 SOLD
TriColor Orange (2 rics on a small rock): $45 SOLD
Medium TriColor Orange (2 mouths): $30 SOLD
Neon/Emerald Green Yuma: $35 SOLD
Green Yuma: $25 SOLD

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Bump to provide update on remaining corals/fish. Items remaining are bolded.

A heartfelt thanks to those who have purchased items/expressed interest in providing great homes for the corals and fish. Means a lot....I love this community and will miss it. :) -Eric
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