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I have made a members list with the following information. If I have any of this information missing or incorrect for you please send me a PM so that I can add/correct it. Also if you would like to join, or are not listed please send me a PM with your info.

CFT Name
Phone Number

I have had some issues with some members receiving spam mail by posting the mails. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone.

1.Andrew Vovou Jr/vodomagoo/845-216-7707
2.Andrew Wintrow/arw03/
4.Bobby Altman/bobbya
5.Bruce & Sue Campbell/seacrittersdepot/843-272-3657
6.Bryan Ghantt/C.carcharias_1/818-231-5466
7.Casey Brown/fishguy14
8.Chris Smith/CCUSharkinFish/803-206-7419
9.David Young/saxycoastalguy87/330-312-0324
10.Deana Ginn/HulaMom/843-602-3129
11.Donnie Cartrette/ncbodyman
12.Frank Hodges
13.Garette Bodsford/843-283-1444
14.Goldie Bodiker/gbodiker /843-245-4548
15.Grace Ramano/PuffyLuv
16.Hilary Brown/Lil'Fish/502-468-9215
17.James Ginn/HulaDad/843-602-2743
18.James Major/scubachick/843-997-7746
19.Jarrett Lark/843-272-4157
20.Jason Withers/VicSkimmr/540-246-1192
21.John Ledoux/myrtlebeachbum/443-504-3688
22.John O'Rourke
23.Justin Williams/fizzlefry/843-446-9013
24.Mark Jakubowski
25.Michael Rodriguez/Miker1112/843-453-9544
26.Michael Wolbert/814-221-8184
27.Michelle Holmes
28.Mike Bodsford/843-283-1444
29.Mike Overbeck/Ed Ricketts/843-449-5305
30.Randall King/Anytime
31.Richard Bye/calabashman
32.Rod Easter/letitflow2005/843-997-2239
33.Ryan Dennis/RDTigger
34.Ryan Hinkle/salinity/606-422-3362
35.Scott Martin/scomar31
36.Sharon Cartrette/ncbodyman
37.Starla Sersland/starsunmoon
38.Tina Major/scubachick/843-997-7746
39.Todd Kramer/MIKA25/843-655-0249
40.Vivian Tomassetti/ILuvmyfishes/843-421-9907
41.William (Bill) Dragan/WDRAGAN/585-709-1611
43.[email protected]

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Bump, any member who's info I do not have listed please contact me so I can get your info. Also if there is incorrect info please let me know so that I can correct it.

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I updated with new members. If you want to join, are not listed, or I have incorrect info please send me a PM.

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MB Aquarium Club

So is there still a MB Aquarium club? Most of the people I see active on CFT are in NC (Raleigh,Wilmington,Cary). Would be nice to attend some meetings somewhere.

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I have not visited this site in quite some time. I first signed on when we moved down here four years ago. I came to find that apparently it's difficult to keep a club together here. Transient nature of the population and all that. I heard that at one time there were a couple dozen members of a club here. I subsequently gave up on the idea of a local club and contented myself with attending workshops in Raleigh twice a year.
I see that this past fall a couple people have expressed an interest in a Myrtle Beach Club. If anyone local was interested in getting together to talk fish, I would be interested. You could reply to this post or email me at [email protected]
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