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I have these available that I used on my 300 gallon tank.

$100 4-250 watt DE MH, 4-HO T5 [needs new endcaps], includes IceCap ballasts

Musical instrument Wood Electronic instrument Audio equipment Musical keyboard

Wood Musical instrument Audio equipment Guitar Shelf

Wood Musical instrument accessory Audio equipment Gas Hardwood

$150 Reactor, GFO ~16 Lb, Carbon ~14 Lb
Drinkware Fluid Food storage containers Cylinder Liquid

$5 Refractometers
Grille Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Vehicle

$10 4 Tunze powerheads / controller, only 1 or 2 work, not sure if the other 2 just need cleaning or not. SOLD
Sleeve Bag Audio equipment Gadget Electrical wiring

$100 Reef keeper with PC4 2 work, plus 2-3 additional that might work. Include new probes and modules
Product Luggage and bags Font Eyewear Office supplies

These are new and not used.
Walking shoe Outdoor shoe Font Rectangle Sportswear

New PH and temp probe, other modules not new
Electrical wiring Shipping box Audio equipment Cable Wire

$10 Misc SOLD
Office supplies Pen Line Tool Stationery
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