Time to clean out some equipment.

1. Neptune Trident
I tested and shut it down by the Neptune procedure before packing it up. Unit is missing the one link cable so that will have to be purchased ($22 at BRS). Not sure where I misplaced it. Was going to use on a second build that is on hold. $400

2. Neptune DDR Dual Reservoir
I placed stickers on the front to mark the graduation measurements as I never filled it to the top to try and prevent and liquid spilling over onto the electronics. $130

3. Neptune FMM Module
Module only. $45

4. Inkbird WiFi Heater Controller
Used for about 1 month. Decided to use my Apex to control the heaters. $40

5. Ozotech Posideon 200 Ozone Generator
Includes Ozone Generator, Ozotech Air Dryer with rechargeable media, Coralife air pump and tubing. Ready to go system. $250