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Moving!! Lots of Corals/Fish for Sale -RALEIGH NC

I've had the tank up and running for 2.5 years and have $Thousand$ of dollars invested in it. I mainly want a great home for these guys. Please email me with any questions. I wish someone would buy the entire setup....and we can discuss prices then.

I'm Located in Raleigh-

I have a 75gal tank with all the fixings for sale. Items for sale include:
*75gal tank with stand and canopy
*2x AI Sol Blue LED's with controler
*Reef Octopus Skimmer
*2x dosing pumps from BRS
*Octopus media filter
*Aquatic Life pump
*2X heaters
*3x powerheads
*2x canisters for ALK/Calcium (I dose the two part BRS ALK/CALC)

I'd ideally like to get rid of the livestock first:
*Pair of Red Sea Swallowtail Angelfish (male and female)
*Pair of Black and White Clown fish (male and female)
*Watchman Gobie
*Diamond Gobie
*Leopard Wrasse
*Sailfin Tang
*Green Chromis
*2x Red Bubble Tip Anemone's (pretty greenish red that are hosted by the clowns)
*Large Cleaner Shrimp
*2x Peppermint Shrimp
*2x Bristle Starfish (you'll probably need the Rock they hide in all the time)
*Tuxedo Urchin
*Several Nasarus Snails
*Several Crabs

There are too many corals to list them all, but here are a few:
Several SPS Acros
-2x Birdsnest
-Pink Stylo
-Red Planet
-3 other types of Acros (not sure their trade names)
-Multiple types of brain corals
-Multiple types of Blasto's
-Multiple types of Acan's
-Multiple types of Zoa's and Paly's
-2 headed golden Torch Corals
-5x Chalice Corals
-2 headed purple Torch Coral
-Feather Duster
-8 headed Trumpet Coral
-Multiple types of Monty's
-Multiple types of Stylo's

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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Interested in the lights, clowns and rbta
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