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We're moving in a few weeks and we won't be able to take our tank with us and hoping to find someone who may be interested in it. It's a 75g, planted, Co2 injected tank with dual stage regulator. The tank is 7 years old and includes the following:

1. 75g tank.
2. black stand - floor could use to be replaced due to a water leak from a previous filter.
3. Rena XP3 filter
4. Hydor 300w Inline heater
5. Victor dual stage regulator
6. Catalina Aquarium T5 HO light hood - lights were replaced a few months ago and I have 6 more new bulbs
7. Automatic fish feeder we used when we went on vaca
8. Battery operated aerator in case of power outage, never used.
9. I'll include all the extras that I have of course... kens flake food, 25' python hose for water changes, cleaning supplies, batting for filter cleans, new bottle of Prime, breeder tank, etc.

1. 3 Albino Corries
2. 2 Ottos
3. 3 Blackfin Tetras
4. 4 Black Mollies and some fry
5. 8 or so Neon Tetras
6. 1 juvie Cribenis
7. 8+ Blue Dragon guppies... very pretty and they were added to the tank in December and have started reproducing
8. 5 or so Bottom Sword Tail guppies
There may be more that I'm forgetting, but think that's close.

To be honest, I don't remember the names off the top of my head, sorry :)

As I said, the tank was established 7 years ago. The XP3 filter and Hydor inline heater were replaced a few years ago (before Rena went downhill). The rest of the equipment is 7-8 years old. Everything is up and running and the photo's were taken quickly this evening. In case you can't see it in the photo's, I have been fighting a BBA outbreak the past 8 months or so... and the BBA has been winning :) So it will require some care to eliminate it.

We would like to find a new home for the tank as soon as possible as we're currently packing and will be moving in the next few weeks.

We spent quite a bit on the setup, but open to any reasonable offer; we're more concerned with finding a good home for the fish.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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That's a lovely setup. Hope you find a good home for it. If I were still focused on FW, I'd be contacting you about this. Bump!
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