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I've gotten out of the hobby and I have a few items left to sale. All items are local pickup only so please have your own means of transporting these items. Thank you!

I have:

x4 MP40 Quiet Drives @ $250 ea. or $200 ea. if you purchase all 4. (UPDATE: ALL MP40s SOLD!!)

I have my tank, stand, sump, and glass tops @ $500 if you buy the whole set up (I will throw in extra bulkheads for FREE).

The setup includes:

x1 120 gallon Dual overflow (plumbing included!) 48x24x24
x1 Stand (Deep Blue) Black (48x24) (Dual cut-outs)
x1 Aqueon ProFlex Model 4 Modular sump (34 gallons) (I've added a designated area for a return pump)
x1 Glass top (2 pieces to accommodate brace on tank)

Tank and Sump total out to 154 gallons.

If you purchase Separate:

Sump $100
Stand $150
Tank $300
Tops $50

Also, I have a Red Sea Skimmer C-1800. The motor on the pump is dead so it will need a new pump that has to be ordered either from Red Sea directly, or a website that carries the part. The skimmer is rated for up to 400 gallons depending on the stock within the aquarium.

Skimmer $100

I have AquaVitro Fragging instruments for sale As well.

The entire set is $75


45° Forceps $15
Picks $15
40 mm Scalpel $15
Coral Cutter $25
Wide Grasp Forceps $15

If you buy everything I will throw in a rack that I used to water jugs and equipment. It supports 500 lbs.
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