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Need advice...Coral problems

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Hello all I have a 180 with a 40g sump. I had to change my sump,as it was leaking, when I changed it there was not enough water and the return pump sucked a lot of air into the DT. After doing this I realized my corals closed up. I have a Digitata, Birds Nest, Condy Anemone, Candy Canes, Zoanthia, Green Button Polyps, Purple Star Polyps & Frog Spawn. They were great and all thriving and then I added a new sump and since then all corals are closed and not looking so good. My parameters are as follows:

Salinity 1.024
Water Temp-78 Monitored with Apex controller

I'm running the following:
2WP 40 power heads
3 D120 LED's
Reef Octopus 3000

Live Stock:
Clown fish
Bangai Cardinal
Six line Wrasse
Hippo Tang
Flame Angel

Just a little stumped as to why this is happening, any thoughts? Today I added some carbon into sump. Any help would be much appreciated...thank you!
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My guess is just give it some time unless they were sponges then you might need to worry about some die off, but most all corals can survive outside of water in the air for periods of time but you only blasted them with air under water they are probably just irritated and will open back up in a few days.
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How long has it been since all the air pumped into the tank?
This happened yesterday afternoon. Thanks!

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This happened yesterday afternoon. Thanks!

I think you'll be fine then! I've got stuff that'll get annoyed for a day or two sometimes after a large water change, or if I move a bunch of stuff in the tank.

Keep us updated though in case things don't start looking better.
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Thank you for the responses. All coral today still the same...I am hoping they open today.
I just turned on lights and my birds nest lost polyps and is white. Posting some pics I don't know what is going on? Pics to follow...thanks!
Did you build the new sump, use silicone or glue any connections?
Yes I did but I did the same for my previous sump that was leaking. I did use a different silicone, GE Silicone 1(which I have read that it is aquarium safe). I did glue connections same as I did for previous sump..which is purple primer and blue glue. Trying to post pics if I can figure out how. I also noticed my Flame Angel & Lyertail Anthias did not eat. Any help is appreciated. Birds nest looks bleached at base. Thank you for your response
I just saw your other post. Is this a new tank? How recently did you upgrade your system? How did you switch tanks for the upgrade? All of these pieces help solve the puzzle. Coral doesnt die over night from a few micro bubbles. Sponge, maybe.
Having problems uploading pics.
Tank cycled for 2 months, rock has been cured for over a year. The substrate was dry aragonite (180 lbs). I also used Seachem Stability. All new water and keep in mind that all corals were thriving (for a month) until I swapped sumps two days ago. Trying to upload pics and having trouble. Thanks for the response!
Upload to photo bucket, then copy and paste the image link.
GE 1 is aquarium safe, but how long did you let it cure?
Thanks will try photo bucket. I let silicone cure for 24 hours
Here is another pic of Green Button Polyps
How about some stray voltage? Are all parameters the same this AM?
Yes Poolshark all parameters are the same.
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Thats good. Then perhaps some time of contaminant made its way into your system from the maintenance?.. Im sorry for the decline! Hopefully the carbon is pulling everything from the water and you will see your corals open up in the next day or so..
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