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Raleigh Aquar Soc auction on Sunday March 4 is a good place to get local-raised fish and plants. If you're farther west, check the SC Aquar Assoc - they have a trade show/swap at USC-Spartanburg on Sun Jan 28 - both fresh and salt.

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Lawson's Aquarium And Tropical Fish sales.

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Super red arowana
Chili Red arowana
Golden arowana
Golden X back Arowana
Red tail golden arowana
Blue Base Arowana
24K Gold arowana
Malaysian Red Arowana
Silver Arowana
Red Dragon Arowana

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below are some other variety of fish we have available.

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Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray
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Masked Angelfish
Bladefin Basslet
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Neptune Grouper
Nami Green Arowana

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