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Hello all I have some plants and other items for sale

I have attached pics let me know if you see something you want.

S. Hydro
Bacopa Caroliniana
Myrio Ghuyana
Naja Grass
Myrio Mattogrosense
Rotala Rotundifolia
Taiwan Moss
Ludwigia sp Red
Myrophyle tuberculate red
Limnophila sp Broad
Rotala Nanjeshan
Ludwigia sp Atlantis
Amazon Sword
Mini Xmas Moss
Hydrocotyle Leucocephala
hydrocotyle sibthorpioides (Brazilian Pennyworth)
Dwarf Baby Tears
Heteranthera Zosterfolia (stargrass)
Limnophila Aromatica
Rotala Ludwigia Red
Alternanthera Reineckii
Green Myrio
Java Moss
Dwarf Sag
Sunset Hydro

Victor SGT-500 with Ideal Valve and burkett Chrome Plated 6011 $250

Victor VTS-253A with Ideal Valve and Clippard sentoil Chrome Plated also $200

Victor HPT500 like new Chrome Plated body only $300

Aquamedic co2 reactor $100

UP Aqua Atomizer NEW $30

Milwaukee MA 957 Regulator perfect working condition with box also. it is the older style so it is way better than the new Milwaukee made in China. $85

20 Lb Co2 tank prefer local pick up preferred $80 or $100 filled

Also I have some Cholla Wood for sale. The sizes range from 8"-10" long and 1/2-1 3/4 inches in diameter. $4 Each

I also have 3 antic T5 Light bulbs used only for 3 months found out I didn't need antic for freshwater.

X1 Odyssea T5 Tube 24W it is for 24" fixture $5 Each
X2 Odyssea T5 Tube 18W for 20" fixture $5 Each

Like New 36" MonsterRay. Used only for 2 month at 8 hr a day, comes with box and all. $100

Eheim Liberty Bio Foam Cartridges 2 pack (4 packs available) $2.50 each
Eheim Liberty Active Carbon Cartridges 12 Pack (2 packs available) $25 each
Eheim 2217 Filter New $120

Also I have 3 boxes of Fluval Aquaclear carbon $7 each
and 4 boxes of Fluval Aquaclear Foam $2 each

I can combine shipping for multiple items. Please PM me

I always treat the customer right
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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