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I have several frags of what I call "Purple Dragon Zoas" as that is what they were marketed to me as. They have a green mouth, purple face w/ a green skirt. They have been excellent growers for me. The pictures below were taken with my iphone under 14k halides and a stunner strip running.

*other frags not circled in the picture are not for sale.
I do not ship and can meet anywhere from Cary down to Clayton

I am open for trades for zoas/palys and ricordia mushrooms.

Most of these have runners already forming which will have new polyps soon!
-1 polyp w/tiny one: $5
-3 polyps w/1 tiny one forming: $15
-7-9 polyps (can't really tell its on rubble and they are growing on a bunch of sides): $30
10 polyp+ forming ones: $35


The colony:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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