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Raising salinity

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So I just got my digital refractometer and it is read king 1.020. I thought it was 1.023. Do I just slowly top it off with Salt Water (1.024) instead of RO. Or is there a better way? I figure the slower the better. Don't want to kill my pistol shrimp.

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topoff with saltwater works perfect. bonus you get to add all the essential elements at the same time
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Yeah that's probably the best and safest way. A little quicker would be to, depending on the size of the tank, do a 5 gal water change a couple of times with hypersalinated (is that a word) water; I've done that a couple of times when something gets off. Like .026 to .028. But obviously the best way and least stressful on corals amd fish would be to do it slower than that
I just took a couple of quarts of water from my sump and added salt heated a cup of said water in the microwave which helped to dissolve the mix and added
back to the sump. worked out great.
Flyguysc,I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way shape or form,But you might consider that there are 70 different compounds that make up the solution that we know as saltwater,some are [chelted] stays in the solution over a period of time,and is used as needed by organisms,and, some are [nonchelted] used up rapidly in the system,by the organisms,and do not stay in the solution ,,,,If you take hot water to disolve your salt you can actually mess with the chemical composition of saltwater.....Two that come to mind are calcium and iodine,And I would not forget about the buffering compounds that are also in the water .......I would just top off the tank with a solution of saltwater
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