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Has anyone run these rapid led onyx boxes or built your own from here. I'm playing with an idea.

What really is the difference between an AI Hydra 52 or Radion or any other led other than the controls for the unit. If you build a unit with exactly the same LEDS and OPTICS wont it be the same unit if you just use an apex to control them?

A Radion Pro has


MAX PAR: 1100

• Cool White: 8 Cree XP-G2 (40W)
• Deep Blue: 8 Osram Oslon Square (40W )
• Blue: 8 Cree XP-E (24W)
• Green: 4 Cree XP-E (14W)
• Hyper Red: 4 Osram Oslon SSL (12W)
• Yellow: 2 Osram Oslon SSL (6W)
• Indigo: 4 SemiLEDs (10W)
• UV: 4 SemiLEDs (10W)

So if an Onyx had the exact same LEDS what would be the difference?

This looks like a diy Radion Pro without the controls
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