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RAS March 6: Disease Treatment & Management in Aquaria and Ponds, Dr. Dan Johnson

This month's (March 6) Raleigh Aquarium Society program will be on disease treatment of aquatic animals, presented by Raleigh native and longtime RAS friend Dr. Dan Johnson of Avian & Exotic Animal Care. Dr. Dan will present a talk on disease treatments for a variety of aquatic animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate. He will show us the medicines and procedures he utilizes, various quarantine techniques, and how to prevent problems in the first place. We hope you can join us!

First Thursdays at NCSU Vet School, 7:30 - 9:30. Program starts about 8:00. From Main Lobby, go downstairs (under the whale) straight through two double doors, and South Theater classroom is on the right. Monthly RAS meetings are FREE and open to everyone. Silent auction and raffle after the program.
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