Just broke down tank last week. Lots of stuff and also have more that is not listed
AI Prime Fuge 16hd-$150
2-osmolator 3155-$125ea
2-Neptune DOS-$200ea
Apex Controller-$300
Ecotech Vectra M1-$200
Neptune dosing reservoir-$100
Coral Viewer-$20
New Kessil A360X w/dongle-$450
Aquatic life T5 HO hybrid 36”-$150
Neptune MPR-$20
Apogee PQ-510 w/wand par meter-$500
IM cradle-$10
4-Ecotech driver mount-$8ea
10-Ecotech power supply bracket-$10ea
2-Milwaukee digital refrac-$50ea
BRS bone cutter-$5
Eheim auto feeder-$20
BRS 5 stage 150gpd RO/DI-$150
Reef Octo 150int Skimmer-$150
Red Sea reefer 250-$700
Plus lots of other stuff
You can call or text 910-622-7102. Mitch