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Reef tank breakdown fire sale (Cary/RTP)

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For sale is everything left in my 100 gallon reef corner tank (also selling the tank stand and canopy with lights/sump skimmer heater dry goods and UV sterilizer separately).

I have some medium a few small and a few large pieces of live rock covered in purple coraline algae -$3-4 a pound depending on how many pounds purchased (I'll average down and make it a good deal - this is great rock mostly aged 1-3 years and with UV don't have to worry about critters/parasites in it).

Button polyps- colony of about 50 I'd say- $25
Zoanthids - green dragon zoas (1 medium rock 1 large rock also has 5-6 mushrooms on larger rock as well as a bunch of zenia) - $20 for small rock $50 for large rock
Unsure of the colony name- nice large rock (10lbs) with small polyps that wave in the current kind of a light pink color and growing fast- $35
Zenia rock- probably 4-5 pound live rock with a few clumps - $25
Duncan Polys- 2 on a stem decent size would be great for mini/micro reef - $15
Medium (just over 3" probably) gold stripe maroon clown (even has the light blue tinge / rings around the gold bars) - $30 (this is one of the prettiest specimens I've ever seen and have been in hobby 20+ years)
Large coral banded shrimp - $10
Small bicolor angel (2.5") - doesn't pick at corals and is very good eater - $20

Dry goods-
Remora skimmer - good for 100 gallon but ideally a 55 or 75 if well-stocked, can hang on the back of a tank or do in sump like I do - $60

Open to offers and the more you buy the cheaper I'll let it go.

Thanks for Looking, Jon
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Interested in corals live near Cary as well. When can I come by?

Where are you located? Interested in the gsm clown, and how much for the sump? And do u have any algae eating fish or clean up crew members us b interested in sellin?
how much for the tank , stand, light , etc?
Ever make it Greensboro?

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Very interested in the clown. Would like to check him out as well as some lr.
What kind of uv sterilizer is that and how much are you asking for it?
Everything is SOLD thanks everyone
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