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For sale is everything left in my 100 gallon reef corner tank (also selling the tank stand and canopy with lights/sump skimmer heater dry goods and UV sterilizer separately).

I have some medium a few small and a few large pieces of live rock covered in purple coraline algae -$3-4 a pound depending on how many pounds purchased (I'll average down and make it a good deal - this is great rock mostly aged 1-3 years and with UV don't have to worry about critters/parasites in it).

Button polyps- colony of about 50 I'd say- $25
Zoanthids - green dragon zoas (1 medium rock 1 large rock also has 5-6 mushrooms on larger rock as well as a bunch of zenia) - $20 for small rock $50 for large rock
Unsure of the colony name- nice large rock (10lbs) with small polyps that wave in the current kind of a light pink color and growing fast- $35
Zenia rock- probably 4-5 pound live rock with a few clumps - $25
Duncan Polys- 2 on a stem decent size would be great for mini/micro reef - $15
Medium (just over 3" probably) gold stripe maroon clown (even has the light blue tinge / rings around the gold bars) - $30 (this is one of the prettiest specimens I've ever seen and have been in hobby 20+ years)
Large coral banded shrimp - $10
Small bicolor angel (2.5") - doesn't pick at corals and is very good eater - $20

Dry goods-
Remora skimmer - good for 100 gallon but ideally a 55 or 75 if well-stocked, can hang on the back of a tank or do in sump like I do - $60

Open to offers and the more you buy the cheaper I'll let it go.

Thanks for Looking, Jon
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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