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RLSS R8i Skimmer

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I have a beast of a skimmer for sale that I purchased last April and put it on the system in May. I used it till about November then took it out since I had sold almost everything in the tank I was selling. I had always been a reef octo fan and when I bought this skimmer it changed my outlook on reef octo. Asking 375 and I still have the original box.
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Will be heading to raleigh on Sunday
I believe 200-300 gallons. I ran it on a 120 gallon display 40 gallon sump and 45 gallon frag tank
Just a update on the skimmer I have the original pump along with the new improved dc6000 pump to go with the skimmer for 375. Both pumps work pick up only
bump nobody looking a skimmer?
Yup looking for one but alittle out my price range and to far away
Bump still available any offers before I go through the trouble of putting it on different forum and having to ship it
Just want to bump this up. Still have it along with a new pump in the box. 350 takes it
Are you just looking to sell, or are you interested in a trade for a Reef Octopus 2000 XP? Thanks.
just sell. all i have is a 30 gallon cube now and have no intentions on upgrading tank. Thanks though
No longer for sale plan on setting up a new tank and using this on new set up
Still have the skimmer asking 325
These are some awsome skimmers I have one on my 120 and it's a beast great price also good luck with sale
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N who said u can't overskim a tank ... Yah right . Sorry but that's just way too much skimmer for ur present build . Bump for a nice skimmer n a great guy to deal with .
Yah I was trying to save some money and use what I had laying around but even on the lower speeds the tank is being over skimmed
Dropping to 300 bucks I will be giving it a vinegar bath tonight.
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