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Sale/Trade 75 Gallon Saltwater / Coralife Halide

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I have a 75 gallon saltwater AGA tank, overflow built in the center back of tank. It has two holes predrilled in the overflow, bottom side. One small scratch on front ... it doesn't take away from the view. Nice tank.

I have a stand that I finished it, and it looks very nice.

Also 20L refugium sump and return pump.

Coralife MH light. I'm not sure on the model, I can look tonight when I am return home.

I'm guaging interest. I'd like $350 obo. It's a nice setup.

I'm also interested in a 29 biocube, or two 14 gallon biocubes. I want lights strong enough to grow whatever coral i decide on. I'd prefer no scratches., corals are possible trades too.
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I have a 29 bio cube but no lights...has pump and stand and can find a power head for you too...
I can get pics up this afternoon. No ones home right now for me to get them. It's currently running, has 2 fish in it that I wasn't planning on selling unless someone is interested. Tomato clown and an engineer goby.

I was planning on keeping the rock and sand for a Biocube. I'd like to downsize in the bedroom tank. I keep a 125 and I don't have time for 2 big tanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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