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Saltwater needed in Raleigh!

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I changed the time on my dosing pump and I must have hit a wrong button. My alkalinity pump stayed on all night. Luckily, the bottle wasn't completely full - the alk only went up to 16dkh.

Does anyone around Raleigh have up to 30g of mixed saltwater they can spare? I have 25g mixing now and I only have 6 jugs for water transportation. That should end up being a good enough water change on my system.

Thanks in advance!
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I just saw that Fish Room in North Raleigh opens at 11. If I get there right at 11 and get some saltwater, then I should be good.

Sorry all! I honestly didn't realize any store was open on Mondays. I'm used to Down Under and Reef Keepers and don't head to TFR that often.
If you need anything else, just give me a ring man! I got 130 gallons of RODI on tap and can mix some up for you in no time....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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