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Shrimp/hermit larvae?

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I was snooping around the tank, after lights out, with my flashlight and noticed all these little "things" floating around. They looked like insanely tiny shrimp. Dont know if they are actually shrimp and they will prob not survive but I found t odd since there is a solitary glass anemone shrimp and one peppermint shrimp. There used to be two peppermints but one has gone MIA or is hiding really well. Regardless, here are the best pics I could snap of the one I managed to catch. There are hundreds of these floating everywhere. Really wish I still had my microscope so I could look at in in dept.

Any ideas. They seem to have a bit of a red tint to them and greenish glowing eyes.

Also. I turned off the flow pump/wave maker. Hoping that allows them to settle onto the liverock and not be flying around everywhere. Give them a better chance to not get sucked into the overflow and killed in filtration?

Looking up vids, they look more like hermit larvae. Should I find minute little shells for them?

They look like this. Land Hermit Crab Larvae (with better contrast) - YouTube

ps. forgive my ranting.
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I've never heard of hermit crabs spawnning in home aquarium. I suppose it's possible but more than likely it's probably a mysis shrimp spawn.
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