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Getting rid of extra gear I have acquired after multiple tank upgrades. Inerested in selling or trading for fish/coral. I have a mixed reef and my wife has a predator tank that has finished cycling and only has a cinamon clown and both need some more fish.
Located in Cary.

Aqamaxx ConeS CO-3 rated for up to 450 gallons. 12.3"x14.2" footprint 22" tall $200

Violet/uv led light bar 60" I used it with my old black box lights, but now that I upgraded to radions I dont need it anymore. $75

40 gallon breeder DIY sump. $40

3x 5 gallon water jugs, 2x 7in filter sock holders, 1x 4 inch filter sock holder, 2x instant ocean hydrometer, 1x magfloat alage scraper, aqueon 20 gallon filter, top fin 10 gallon filter. Trying to sell all together for $50

It won't let me post pics so of interested PM me
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