These are the separate filtration parts in my sump:
Klir D-7 floss roller filter: $75
Vertex Omega 180i protein skimmer: $75
Eco tech Vectra M2 (Mobious compatible): $100
Red torpedo (with tri-basecarbon and pH rock) and CAD BR-1conic bio-reactor running All in one pellets (Aquarium specialty) both driven by Reef octopus 10000w water plaster pump: $100
5 stage RO/DI unit (2 spare filters and new package of color changing resin) with 35 gallon tub, maxi jet pump, and ATO controller: $75
Kamoer 3 pump doser with H2Pro 3 compartment reservoir and one Core 7 refill set: $100
InkBird controller with 100 and 300w titanium heaters + 100 w Cobalt neo-therm heater $100
If you buy the Vectra pump and ATO set and Klir filter, I will throw in the DIY control cabinet 😀 + 8 switch plug.
Miscellaneous plumbing (1/2” pvc connectors, 3/4” pvc connectors and ball valves, 1” pvc connectors, etc. $50
$500 gets it all
25% down through PayPal holds your item otherwise first come first served. All items picked up in Cary, no shipping, livestock must be gone first. All sump items will get a vinegar bath as appropriate before pickup .