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Swordtail male aggression

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I've got a really beautiful swordtail lyretail male that has been being a real dick to everyone else in my community tank. I have 3 female swordtails and have changed the surroundings twice and still having issues... I have removed my Molly that was the first inhabitant of this tank and moved him to my wife's smaller tank... Any suggestions ??? Is he a lost cause...?
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What size tank do you have him in ?

They are in a 40br

1 lyretail swordtail mail
2 pineapple swordtail females
1 swordtail female

I recently removed a Molly from the tank that seems really stressed by his douchebaggery
A smart teacher of mine told me "Boys will be boys,until a woman is involved","Then all bets are off"........To the victor do the spoils of battle belong.....If you are trying to keep two males together one can and will,fight with the other to prove to the females that he is stronger,If you can find a smaller male,instead of the big one you have that would cut down on agression,but then he could also be attacked,the other fish would be considered collatrell damage,He is only going to pick on the other fish that it knows he can pick on or beat up and get away with it.........
We took the other male out of the tank an he is harassing the females..
May be they had a headache.....LOL......It does make since though,he`s in the mood so to speak,and they are not.....They can`t run away ,can they.....
Hopefully it changes ... Would hate to get rid of him
You could try more decorations,You have three zones in your tank,"Out of sight is out of mind".....Think off it this way,Another woman is standing in your living room,your wife or girlfriend is in the kitchen,now when your wife or girlfriend walks into the living room,and sees the other woman what happens ? Or If your wife or girlfriend is standing in the kitchen and the other woman comes in.......Do you follow me.....We can think like a fish ,but we can never be a fish......I hope this helps......
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