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T5 bulbs

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Need to replace my 24 inch t5 bulbs. What online place has the best deal on t5 bulbs?
I need 4
To run alongside a 250w double ended Phoenix metal halide (not sure if that's the right spelling)
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I've ordered bulbs from a couple different places over the years, I've used Reef Geeks, Premium Aquatics, Hellolights and Aquarium Specialty. I always have had to use 48" bulbs so extra care was needed during shipping.

Reef Geeks and Hellolights all came bubble wrapped and taped together with only a cardboard sleeve wrapped around the bulbs (amazingly they did arrive intact)

Premium Aquatics and Aquarium Specialty both came bubble wrapped in a near indestructible tube. They do have an extra charge ($10 I think) on top of the standard shipping price but for me it was worth it to not have to worry about having to deal with receiving a box of rice krispies.

Personally I prefer Aquarium Specialty because they are so close to me (Columbia SC) and less chance of bulbs being broken in transit. If you do order from them, call first and ensure they have the bulbs you want in stock.

I got caught up in a backorder issue with them once. I ordered a couple of low priced CF bulbs that weren't in-stock but the CS agent called me and said they were expecting a shipment from the distributor within the week and would ship them out free of charge when they arrived, or she could just refund the $$$$. Long story short, three months later, I finally got my bulbs. Partially my own fault as the rep would always offer me a refund on the bulbs whenever I contacted her (but still a hassle none-the-less)

I like that Premium Aquatics doesn't charge your CC until the order is filled and shipped.

It's been a while since I've ordered bulbs so the companies policies on bulb shipping may have changed
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