After twenty years of working up from a 29 gallon to a 55 gallon and my current 90 gallon, I am too busy to give my aquarium the time it needs so it is time to move it on. In my 90 gallon display tank I have a variety of corals and some anemones. I have tangs, clown fish, anthias, and more. My sump is a 75 gallon separated from the display and in my garage. The display will come with 2 AI Vega Led lights and a hood and a gyre pump. It does NOT come with a stand since it is on a built in that stays (future wet bar??). The sump has a Vectra M2 return pump, Vectra M1 pump used for my bio pellet reactor (troubleshooting a problem with this got to be a nuisance...), Water blaster that feeds my torpedo filter (Hyatt method charcoal and pH rock) and chiller, Klir 7 roller filter, Vertex protein skimmer, several heaters, auto topoff and tub, 8 switch multiple plug, Kamoer three pump doser, four stage DO/RI water filter, UPS battery backup, and any other pieces and parts left related to the aqaurium.
I am not in a rush but would expect a serious buyer to visit first so send a PM. Corals come out first and then fish, then all the gear gets disassembled. The tank and sump are both very heavy so the buyer will need some helpers besides me (in my 70's so handy but not as game to lift big stuff any more ;)