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I have a reefkeeper, sl1, sl4, ato 4 stage rodi, 30 gallon breeder , skimmer , reefbreeder led, 30 lbs live rock, 50lbs awesome dry rock, Hanna phosphate checker, hydrometer, test kits, 2 30 gallon trash cans, 3/4 box of reef crystal, miscellaneous pumps and TONS of other saltwater stuff. Take it ALL. Just of the top of my head 25+ head frogspawn, yellow tang, 50+ blue tubbs75+ bam bam , Jason fox jack o lantern, john deer lepto, saprano 2.0 , captain America, purple death, chong bong ,time machine, blond hair blue eyed b%%$, raptor rainbows, Yoda, utter chaos 15+. Just way to many to list. This all have SEVERAL polyps on them. Some of you have seen my frag tank and know. I just don't have the time any more. Plus everything you need to ship. I have been shipping all over the country and can show you how. The first $750 gets a bunch of stuff.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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