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trade stuff for fish

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Hey guys... Have a few things to trade for fish

fish wanted:
tangs, any tangs, any size
neon goby
reef angels
lawn mower

also need 200lbs of arag. sand

I have for trade

75 gallon not drilled, tank,stand, hob filter, heater
24g bio cube no top or stand
75 or so lbs of rock, been sitting in a vat for 2+ years

more stuff to be posted soon, have to dig everything out, you guys know i have alot..
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wow, really, no one.... ok than
I sent you a message last night, I have yellow tangs,surgeon tangs,about 7 neon Gobies ,blue reef chromis,blue reef chromis,yellow angel,I need another larger display we could work something out.
ok, i saw the pm, but you were talking about them being in stock. assuming you were just trying to sell them to me...
I would trade you stuff, I am always willing to do that
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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