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Ok guys I'm about to move and have no need for this pump. I had a buddy who was going to buy iy but he ended up with a tank too small for it. So since I'm just cleaning out some junk 1st one to come up with $75 can get it. The pump Adjustable, and controllable & is rated up to 12000 l/h.

I also have a chauvert timer which I used in conjunction with this pump to create a wavemaker, it can control up to 4 pumps and the cycles can b set as fast as a strobe or as slow as a few minutes. Its a great product that is fairly hard to find. I will sell just the timer for $25

And since I don't gave a magnet mount for the pump I will include a large magfloat so u can affix it on the glass like I did :)
I will b in Raleigh today, near crabtree so I can meet most anywhere in the area.

Here's a link to the timer.....
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