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Various acros for sale

I have a tank full of acros that need to be thinned out some to fit in my 120g display. In the past 6 months, I've bought sps from a couple of tanks that were breaking down. Now it is time to make it all fit.

I will be offering frag packs of 6-7 pieces (all 1-2" frags) for $125
Available colonies for fragging:
Shades of fall
Tabling red planet
ORA Bali green slimer
ORA Scripps green stag
Turquoise blue stag
Teal with sky blue tips stag
Green acro (2 varieties)
Tri color tort
Pink lemonade
ORA blue-green birdsnest
ORA birds of paradise birdsnest
Orange monti cap
Purple pocillipora SOLD

Also available in limited quantity:
Neon green deep water acro ($30 for ~1 inch)
ORA Cali blue tort ($50 for 1-2 inch)
Orange crush acan colony (size of palm of hand) - $80
LA lakers scroll (3" diameter, faded due to shading) $50
8 inch diameter purple pocillipora colony $65 SOLD

I'm in Apex/Cary area.

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Hey bud. I would love to get a Pink lemonade, red planet, shades of fall, and if you are willing to let one go I would really love to get a frag of that blue tort back from u too ;) I may be in Raleigh this weekend, I should know for sure tomorrow and will let u know as soon as I know. Shoot me a pm with a price too if u could ;) I would also love a piece of that highlighter tort too
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