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Looking to sale some items to fund a tank upgrade. Located in Pittsboro. Call or text Nick at 919 545 4464.

Waterbox Marine X 60.2 tank, stand, sump, sicce return pump, Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer, titanium heater, refugium light,, auto top off, and custom rock sculpture. Asking $1300

2 AI Hydra 26hds in excellent condition and new lenses. Asking $250 each or $450 for both.

2 AI Prime Hds in excellent shape and new lenses. Asking $150 each

1 AI Prime 16hd new in the box. Asking $220

3 AI Prime 16hds in excellent shape used about a month. Asking $200 each

2 AI 18" flex mounts. Asking $25 each with light purchase.

1 24" Aquatic Life T5 hybrid fixture with decorative end caps and 4 new bulbs. Asking $225

3 48" Aquatic Life T5 hybrid fixtures with decorative end caps and used bulbs. Maybe 3 months of bulb life left. Asking $275 each.

1 Aquatic Life hybrid fixture wall mount. Asking $100

Reef Octopus Regal 150-INT DC powered skimmer with reef octo acrylic stand, recirculating CO2 scrubber setup, and most of a 5 gallon container of CO2 scrubber media. Asking $450 for everything.
Wood Floor Flooring Display case Art
Fixture Gas Glass Wood Transparent material
Automotive lighting Blue Light Black Purple

Window Blue Light Purple Nature

Water Blue Liquid Property Plumbing fixture

White Liquid Fluid Plastic bottle Electrical wiring
Gas Tints and shades Rectangle Road surface Wood


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